‘You can’t start the next chapter if you keep
re-reading the last one.’ – Unknown

Thank you for taking the first step by visiting my site.
You may not have a thousand miles to go, though it may feel like it.
Contact me and together we can take another step.


Whether married or not couples counseling offers you and your partner proven methods of interaction that make for a healthy partnership.



Coaching is similar to other services offered by Saint Louis Family Counseling but does not include the option for mental health diagnosis. Coaching is also more goal-oriented. Coaching is available to anyone who lives outside the state or Missouri.



There is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written. A chapter you can embrace and find satisfying. You will find me to be supportive of your journey and keen to help make meaning of where you have been. If you click on the Let’s Talk tab, or just pick up the phone and call, I’m happy to talk and afterwards you can determine if you would like to make an appointment.



We make meaning of our lives through the stories we live
out as we interact with each other. When our story isn’t
what we hoped it would be, we can get stuck. St. Louis
Family Counseling helps us make sense of the stories we
tell ourselves and help us create the type of stories we
want to experience in our lives.


Andrew really helped me out in a difficult time that I thought I would need to go through alone. I never realized how much I needed help until I reached out and got it. Andrew helped me put the meaning back into my life.

(Male, 14 years old)

Andrew’s expertise at counseling is evident from the very beginning. He strove to get to know me and together we established strategies and concepts that have been a support. With his help, I’m leading a fuller and happier life.

DJ (Female, 49 years old)

In working with Andrew I have found ways to communicate more authentically and face day-to-day opportunities without fear. I have found that I am better equipped in my work with Andrew to focus on the beauty of my future rather than being stuck in the past.

SD (Female, 54 years old)

My son has been given the unique opportunity to delve into his own needs and offer up clarity as he works through his doubts and fears to find direction through Andrew’s selfless guidance and expertise.

My gratitude for Andrew is immeasurable as solid steps of assurance and peace of mind have made way into our son’s life.

Mother of (Male, 17 years old)


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