Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck?

Sometimes I feel stuck because I’m overwhelmed at all that I have to do. Sometimes I feel stuck because I don’t know what to do. And sometimes I feel stuck and am not sure why I feel stuck. I imagine you might be able to relate to a similar feeling. After graduating with my counseling degree and working to get my practice up and running there was so much to do. A few items I checked off my list right away that were obviously important, like getting my website up and running, btw you can check it out at www.SaintLouisFamilyCounseling.com, but now in this next tier of possible actions I’ve felt a little stuck. So, what to do?

I’ve found that getting unstuck doesn’t have to take a long time but does take a little focused intention. Here are four steps for getting unstuck, along with questions to ask yourself.

1) Be clear about the big picture/purpose: What is it you love to do? How do you want to share yourself with the world? (Keep this at the forefront of your thoughts.)

2) Make it your responsibility to not let negative and defeating suggestions get the better of you: What are the ‘yeah-buts’ that would have you think you can’t do what you love? What negative messages do you hear that you are buying into?

3) Turn it around: What is the opposite of my answers from step 2? (Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have enough – time, money, knowledge, etc. Think to yourself I do have enough time to take one action. I do have some knowledge and am able to gain more.)

4) Take action: OK, now what?! (with humility ask yourself what can I do now? Then do the FIRST THING that comes to you.)

If you follow these steps you will progress. Watch out for those sneaky defeating judgments. I’m guessing many of you when you read, “I do have enough time to take one action,” thought something similar to ‘yeah-but what’s that going to do, there is so much more that has to be done.” Then you are back in the loop of being stuck. The way to get out of it is to go onto step 4 and take action. Follow through with the first thing that comes to you to do. As you are doing it, something else may present itself that makes more sense. It’s fine to follow that, but the important thing here is to act!

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